I was overjoyed to find out about the rare self-proclaimed rockabilly show at The Asheville Music Hall.  The show featured three bands, dipping into most of the rockabilly sub-genres: psychobilly, hellbilly, American roots, country blues, and southern gothic. This was also quite a treat since most concerts are sub-genre specific.  I thought this was a great tactic for bringing in a more diverse group of people. The crowds at Asheville shows can be hit or miss, and I’ve never figured out why this happens.  We were very hopeful for a packed crowd because of the distance these bands traveled to play this event.  The buzz around town about ticket sells were quiteRead More →

People often ask me how I “got interested in all this,” meaning vintage goodies and history in general.  To be honest, I’m never really sure how to respond.  I’ve had a strong passion for the past for as long as I can remember, literally! There is one particular “a ha” moment that I can recall though.  I couldn’t have been more than 4 years old, my parents and I were at Ammon’s Drive In eating on the curb (I swear!), and Smokey Robinson and the Miracles’ hit Shop Around came on the radio.  The song instantly made me so happy! I was overjoyed, and remember that I just kept giggling.  Then aRead More →

Chiffon scarves were a fashion staple of the mid-century twentieth century. Delicate and sheer in texture, these scarves came in a rainbow of hues and a variety of sizes.  Most people don’t realize these little gems are still being manufactured today and look as sharp and classy as they did 60 years ago!  I’m going to dish about some of my favorite ways to utilize these timeless fashion accessories. Style #1 The Neck Scarf Here we have my 1950’s “bad girl” look! When I feel more like a greaser girl (which is the true Courtney at heart) I go with lots of black, hair down, andRead More →