Why I Love My Blue Chiffon Scarf!

Chiffon scarves were a fashion staple of the mid-century twentieth century. Delicate and sheer in texture, these scarves came in a rainbow of hues and a variety of sizes.  Most people don’t realize these little gems are still being manufactured today and look as sharp and classy as they did 60 years ago!  I’m going to dish about some of my favorite ways to utilize these timeless fashion accessories.

Style #1 The Neck Scarf

Here we have my 1950’s “bad girl” look! When I feel more like a greaser girl (which is the true Courtney at heart) I go with lots of black, hair down, and a colorful neck scarf. Of course the way you decide to wear your neck scarf is a personal preference.  Among the different options are: to the side (pictured), bandana style, or western style with tie in the front.  I feel like the side look always evokes images of poodle-skirt-clad teens and bobbysoxers.  So if you want to create that vintage appearance on a budget, this is an essential and affordable accessory!






Style #2 The Hair “Bow”

This isn’t actually a bow at all, it’s a knot.  However, almost every time I sport this look (which is at least twice a week) someone tells me that they like my “bow”.  I like this style for many different reasons: it adds color to my face, it keeps my hair back, it makes me look approachable (sweet and innocent), and it can add retro flair to an otherwise boring outfit.




Style #3 The Kerchief

This is my housework style of choice.  It is reminiscent of Disney’s Cinderella, which interestingly enough was released in the year 1950.  It keeps my hair out of my face, protects my hair from being messed up, and it also allows me to wear my hair down. I know that it must sound strange how much I want to keep my hair down, but for someone with a very thick head of hair it can save me from an afternoon of headaches. The kerchief in no way needs to be restricted to cooking and cleaning! The 1970s saw an emergence of this style worn with designer jeans and wrap dresses.  I know many women who can pull of this look in glamorous way, I am just not one of them.



Style #4 The Grace Kelly

Okay, so I look more like a poor little match girl than Princess Grace! But Grace Kelly did popularize this style, being worn to protect her perfect blonde locks while taking afternoon drives in the convertible or sailing off the coast of Monaco. Many films from the 40s through the 60s feature starlets using this technique to keep their hair in place. The windblown look was considered derelict in those days.  The true “Kelly Wrap” actually hugs the necks and ties in the back, but that’s a bit claustrophobic for me!




Style #5 The Bomber Girl

Many of you are familiar with this look already, since it has now become a symbol of hardworking American women.  Most people immediately associate this style with “Rosie the Riveter,” bomber, or land girls. It’s true, this was the typical headwear of choice for most women working factory jobs.  However, this was far from a WWII hairstyle.  American slave women utilized this hairdo out of necessity long before any world war.







Style #6 The Flag Girl

Just in case your significant other (or anyone you are hanging out with) challenges someone to an impromptu drag race, you will be prepared as always!


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