10 Things I Can’t Live Without In 2017

Everyone owns certain items that are essential to their daily sanity, health, happiness, bliss, whichever you choose to call it.  For most of us, these aren’t actually things that we require, but things that improve our general wellbeing. I needed to get that out of the way before anyone accuses me of being a “privileged American” who can’t live without leggings or liquid lipstick!  Obviously, I can live without the following products, but they greatly improve my happiness!  As you will notice, I sell a large number of these products at my shop.  It will probably seem as if I am trying to promote my business through my passion for these amazing things, and I am to an extent.  But the real reason so many items from the shop appear on this list is that I try to only sell things that I genuinely love and can’t live without!

1. Anne Taintor’s Weekly Planner

Unlike a bulky notebook, these weekly strips are perfect for jotting down notes or schedules. The sticky strip along the top makes it convenient for posting wherever you’d like.  I like to jot down goals/tasks for the day and these are perfect for that! When I don’t finish all my tasks on the specified day I can easily glance at the previous day.

You can get yours today at Commerce St. Mercantile. *wink*

2. Vintage Slips

I have a weakness when it comes to slips.  Not only are they the perfect for smoothing out all those unwanted lines and kinks under dresses, they can double as nightwear too!  I can feel glamorous and confident just lounging around the house in a thin layer of nylon.  I love collecting them in as many pastel shades as possible and hanging them along my bedroom wall!

We have a slew in the store to pick from or take a look at the options on our Etsy page!

3. My Turbans

Since I did an entire blog post about turbans last week I probably don’t have to write much of an explanation here.  I love turbans! I consider them a security blanket for days when I’m just not “feeling it.”  The vintage lifestyle requires a lot from your hair, and having an extremely thick head of hair makes this rather hard on me.  The bandana and the turban are two best friends when it comes to remedying this problem. Turbans always make me feel like a Hollywood starlet though, and what better way to improve your bad hair day?!

4. Shower Caps

I’m the kind of girl that doesn’t want to wash her hair every day, especially if I’m at an event where I want to keep my hair “set.”  For a lot of my lady friends the possibility of a “quick shower” has always seemed like a joke because of all the hair management it entails.  Well I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way!  Just buy a shower cap, it will revolutionize the time you spend getting ready.  My shower caps are purchased from an Etsy seller, Samantha with GildedXRoseXStudio.  She sews each one by hand and seeks out the most unique, and kitschy fabrics she can find.  Her other fabulous creations, such as sleep masks, ties, aprons, towels, and hankies are definitely worth checking out too!

GildedXRoseXStudio for shower caps and more handmade necessities!


5. Luxury Therapeutics’ Eye Pillows

Several years ago I purchased one of these at the Hazelwood Soap Company.  This is the sort of thing I buy fully intending to pamper myself, then tuck it away and forget it ever existed.  Surprisingly, I used it as soon as I got home and I was sold!  I still use it constantly!  It is filled with rice, grains, lavender, I don’t know… MAGIC possibly!  Whenever I have a headache or have had a long day I pop it in the microwave, place it over my eyes, and I am immediately relaxed.  It can be placed in the freezer as well but I’ve personally never tried this method.

Available in store at Hazelwood Soap Company or online at LuxuryTherapeutics.com

6. Ravishing Rosalee Rose Deodorant

From the second I set eyes on the Margarita Bloom website I was in love!  It was as if someone had jumped inside my head and created a bath and body product line based on what they found there.  As it turns out, the owner Regina, happens to have a lot of the same interests and inspirations as I do.  It was only natural that I would be drawn to her retro-inspired, ultra feminine product line.  She makes several, non-aluminum gel deodorants in sweet fragrances.  Ravishing Rosalee is my favorite, I love smelling like a rose garden! In my opinion all the commercially made deodorants make women smell like huge powdered babies! Gag!

Get a preview of Margarita Bloom at Commerce St. Mercantile or see the entire line at Margarita-Bloom.com.

 7. Lime Crime Liquid Lipstick

For many people in the world of cosmetics the name “Lime Crime” has a lot of negative buzz around it.  I succeeded in boycotting them for a while.  In fact, I experimented with similar products that claimed to be just as good, but I remained disappointed.  Without getting too far into it, the Lime Crime website has not always been the most secure. Many believed that corporate was aware of these glitches and simply refused to take action to prevent/correct the situation.  After some time had passed I realized that I could simply buy this long lasting, non smudging vile of perfection on Amazon!  Besides foundation, I can’t name any other cosmetic I’ve purchased in bulk or simply refused to run out of! Of all the lip products I have ever tried Lime Crime’s Liquid Lipsticks stand far above the rest, I’m really happy I started wearing them again!


8.  Black Leggings

I know this is very “basic” of me but it’s true, I love black leggings!  I guess I could technically live without them.  But this classic piece of leg wear matches everything and is not going away any time soon.  Obviously black leggings can be acquired at any major chain store, but those are always boring to the core!  Seven Silver Seas in Maggie Valley, however, has a plethora of leggings.  They even have dozens of variations on plain ol’ black! I must have looked for an hour.  There were black leggings with textured designs, subtle patterns, ornate damasks, and many different fabrics.  I want to go back just talking about it!

Available at Seven Silver Seas in Maggie Valley.

9. Retro-a-go-go Pillbox

I used to throw my pill bottles in the bottom of my purse. This was not a bright idea, it weighed me down and it made me look like an addict if anyone ever peeked inside.  Then I tried out one of these awesome pill boxes by Retro-a-go-go, and viola, problem solved!  At first I was skeptical that this was not large enough to meet all of my pill carting needs.  These are small, 1.25″x 2.25″, two compartment pill boxes.  I’m not really sure what I was worried about, my life is far from Valley of the Dolls.  The photo to the left is identical to the pillbox I personally carry! But, it’s worth checking out the website to see the many retro inspired products designed to make you giggle! P.S. A customer informed me hearing aids fit inside too!

Come in and check out our assortment or go to Retro-a-go-go.com for much more!

10. The Four Agreements

I wish I could remember who first recommended this book to me, I would love to thank them for how much growth it has allowed me as an individual.  Around ten years ago I purchased it for the first time. Since then I have given it to friends who I thought could benefit from its words and repurchased it when I needed a refresher.  The fact that I’ve bought the same book four or five times really proves I can’t live without it!

I highly recommend it to anyone seeking “self-help” or interested in self growth of any kind.

The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom (A Toltec Wisdom Book)






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